Staff bonus and rewards

This article outlines some of the different ways employers can reward their staff and the tax implications of each approach. Seemingly as quickly as it came, another year is galloping off into the distance and people’s minds are beginning to turn to the festive holidays. Employers will want to show their staff that the year’s… Continue reading Staff bonus and rewards


This guide looks at some of the common payroll problems and choosing payroll software. Running payroll is one of the less glamorous aspects of being an employer. However, it is often the mundane tasks that are the most crucial. Failing to pay your staff would quickly lead to a very unhappy workforce. While neglecting your… Continue reading Payroll

Top up your State pension ?

From 12 October 2015, eligible individuals will be able to begin topping up their state pension by up to £25 per week. The lump sum payments, known as ‘class 3A voluntary contributions’, can be made up until 5 April 2017 by those that are entitled to a basic state pension before 6 April 2016. For… Continue reading Top up your State pension ?