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Financing your business – what you need to know

A guide to alternative business finance

Setting up a business and funding it while it takes its first, unsteady steps in the world can be an expensive proposition. As it grows and becomes more resilient, a successful company will begin to be able to stand tall on its own 2 feet, but the initial infancy can be resource intensive.

Traditionally, a business in need of finance walked into a bank and asked for it. Today, some would rather avoid this option or find it difficult to find success along this path. Luckily, there are now a whole range of ways for a budding enterprise to secure the funds it needs to grow.

These new possibilities come with their own potential benefits and risks attached, so how a business to tell which option is right for them? More…

GAAP – biggest change in 30 years

A guide to the new accounting standards

Accountants aren’t known for being in the business of change. While the external environment around them and the numbers coming in may change, an accountant brings stability and reliability to a business by using established practices to ensure complete compliance.

But now the rules governing accounting standards are undergoing the biggest change in 30 years. And, while accountants have been bracing themselves for a potentially seismic change for a while now, many businesses could be forgiven for being unaware that anything was changing at all.

So what is changing and how should businesses begin to get ready for the transition? More…