Personal Tax planning

How individuals and families can save taxes in 2017/18. The UK tax system provides reliefs and allowances to encourage you to spend or invest in certain ways. Using those reliefs as they are intended is the fiscal equivalent of obeying the Highway Code. If you divert from that code, by parking incorrectly, you would expect… Continue reading Personal Tax planning

IR35 changes for the public sector

Important changes to public sector contractors working under IR35 legislation have taken effect for 2017/18. Individuals who work through intermediaries, such as personal service companies, are no longer subject to IR35 rules if they work in the public sector. Public sector organisations or agencies paying off-payroll workers are now responsible for deciding whether the work… Continue reading IR35 changes for the public sector

ISA rules misunderstood

More than half of adults don’t understand ISA rules, research by Opinium has found. Key findings: 1 in 5 knew that the ISA annual allowance is £20,000 for 2017/18 24% knew that you can transfer money from previous tax years into a current ISA 9% wrongly believed that you can only move money if your… Continue reading ISA rules misunderstood

The Gender pay gap and reporting

Employers with more than 250 staff are now required by law to report gender pay gaps, following the introduction of new legislation. Employers must publish the following figures by April 2018: their median gender pay gap – difference between midpoints in the ranges of men’s and women’s pay their mean gender pay gap – difference… Continue reading The Gender pay gap and reporting