Better Bookkeeping in Bristol Needed as Business Rates Face Reform

It used to be that consumers had to trudge all the way to brick-and-mortar stores to obtain the goods they needed. These days, however, a growing number of retailers run both physical outlets and online storefronts. Unfortunately, the retail taxation system hasn’t changed as much, which explains why many businesses are still being taxed according… Continue reading Better Bookkeeping in Bristol Needed as Business Rates Face Reform

Claiming Capital Allowances On Certain Fixtures In Buildings

Have you identified all the expenditure and claimed all the capital allowances you can? This includes Expenditure spent on heating systems, lighting, Alarm systems etc.. Have you acquired a new freehold or leasehold property recently? Have you agreed with the Vendor the value of the building fixtures?

Child Benefit Tax Charge

If you are unlucky to be caught by the new rules introduced on 7 January 2013 and are thinking of opting out from the “Child Benefit” regime altogether, then please reconsider. Not claiming child benefit could mean that some State Pension entitlement could be lost.

Change to IR35 legislation to cover office-holders

IR35 tax rules are being extended to office-holders for the 2013-14 tax year onwards. This change applies where a worker provides their personal services to a client via an intermediary to fulfil the duties of an office and the income for those services has not already been subject to PAYE/NICs as employment income.

Some Overseas News

TAX AGREEMENTS ‒ Jersey and Guernsey agree automatic reporting to UK 

Banks in Jersey and Guernsey will soon begin automatically reporting client information to the UK tax authorities, probably starting next year. As with the earlier Isle of Man agreement, UK residents are now being invited to disclose previously undeclared offshore accounts to HM Revenue… Continue reading Some Overseas News