New law to resolve Covid rent debt

The Government has set up an arbitration system to help resolve outstanding commercial rent debts as the general moratorium on commercial eviction ends. From 25 March, a legally binding arbitration process is available for eligible landlords and tenants who have not yet reached an agreement. The Government hopes this will resolve disputes about pandemic-related rent… Continue reading New law to resolve Covid rent debt

IR35 reform landing period ends

Penalties now apply to businesses that make mistakes under new IR35 rules for the private sector. The Government extended the off-payroll working rules reform to the private sector in April 2021, but promised to be lenient on mistakes in the first year. The landing period has now ended, so employers caught within the reformed IR35… Continue reading IR35 reform landing period ends

The importance of estate planning

We are all somewhat used to living with economic doom and gloom at present, from sky-high inflation rates to tax rises being splashed across the news headlines. But recent analysis from the Office of Budget Responsibility shows that you may also get stung harder after you are gone. They estimate that HMRC inheritance tax takings… Continue reading The importance of estate planning

Spring Statement 2022

Spring loaded: crisis solutions or half-measures? Introduction Amid rising pressure to bring in significant relief measures to combat the current international emergency, Chancellor Rishi Sunak implied ahead of time that he could only do so much. Speaking at the weekend, he acknowledged concerns about price hikes and inflation, vowing to stand by people in the… Continue reading Spring Statement 2022

October 2021 Budget

INTRODUCTION “Today’s Budget does not draw a line under COVID-19; we have challenging months ahead”, said Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Chancellor Rishi Sunak resisted temptation to raise taxes to start paying for the emergency support schemes that kept so many businesses afloat during the pandemic in 2020/21. Instead, Sunak continues to bask in the warm glow… Continue reading October 2021 Budget