Survey Finds Bristol Bookkeeping Professionals Sure About the Future

A recent survey by accounting software provider IRIS revealed that accountants and bookkeeping professionals in Bristol and other areas across the United Kingdom are optimistic about the nation’s economic future. 59% of those surveyed express hope for their clients’ businesses, while 72% thought their respective companies will also be on the rise in 2014.


As posted on Industry Today, a press release distribution service provider:

These are highly encouraging results,” says Phill Robinson, CEO of IRIS Software Group. “Accountants are becoming increasingly convinced that the recovery is happening – and it is particularly pleasing that they view the outlook for their clients so positively. We would expect this trend to continue next year as the economic situation continues to improve.”

This confidence spells good news for businesses that are entrusting their accounting needs to reputable companies such as Wormald and Partners Chartered Accountants. After all, finance professionals who believe in their work’s worth can be relied upon to deliver outstanding solutions and results. Such optimism and enthusiasm also build on another business value that will please bookkeeping clients: commitment.

Despite a forecast of favourable outcomes this year, accounting professionals will make sure that their quality of service will not wither. As such, they will do their best to live up to their hopeful projections, for their clients’ benefit. Clients are therefore assured of even more efficient solutions for banking transactions, payslips, and payroll in Bristol as well as in other areas in the UK.

The fact that accounting firms are greatly positive about their progress only further reassures clients of much improved accounting services. The survey supports this, indicating how finance professionals are making proactive solutions to build a better brand and enhance business. “65% reference ‘making my practice more efficient’ as a priority for 2014, nearly four times the number highlighting this in the 2012 survey (18%),” said Industry Today.

To that end, Robinson noted that innovative technology would also play a critical role in accounting services. Fortunately, trusted companies like Wormald and Partners Chartered Accountants keep themselves updated about the latest trends and industry developments to ensure the success of their clients. Such providers invest in top-notch platforms, as well as keep their staff well-trained to streamline their system and offer better assistance.

(Article Excerpt and Image from UK accountants have growing confidence in the economic future, IRIS survey finds, December 17, 2013, Industry Today)